Share the Love

Just since the beginning of 2013, almost half a million people have committed suicide. Why? Each reason was unique, but suicide comes out of desperation- believing there’s no other way to end the pain or fix something. I wonder how many of those half million were never even given the opportunity to truly know God. I wonder how many had Christian friends, family members, co-workers, etc. who just never spoke up. So many people suffer not just quietly but silently. You may not know what is going through each person’s mind, whether they are thinking about what they are gonna wear tomorrow or if they wanna live until tomorrow. That’s why as Christians, we have to share the love of Christ with EVERYONE. This includes those who are close to you who you may feel afraid to tell. Would you really risk their eternity or even their lives because you don’t want to “offend them” or “scare them off”. This also includes the person that everyone ignores because …they aren’t “cool”. Jesus loved them enough to die for them and you should have Jesus and His love in you enough to at least tell them. And the hardest for most of us to swallow is that this includes the ones who you dislike and especially those who dislike you. The Bible says to love and pray for your enemies. Share the love of Christ with them. No matter how much wrong someone has done to you, do you really want them to go to Hell? Honestly think about it. Eternal damnation. Pain, suffering, agony, regret. Separation from God forever. I would hope that if you really have the love of God in you that the answer is no. So share the love. With everyone. You never know what thoughts may be flying through their heads and what is hurting their hearts.

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